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Poster: Lance Burtcaster Date: Jul 31, 2008 2:09pm
Forum: feature_films Subject: are these PD...

...and if so can someone upload them???

* The 7th Commandment (1932 - Dwain Esper)
* Assassin of Youth (1937)
* Mom and Dad (1945 - William Beaudine)
* She Shoulda Said No (1949 - Sam Newfield)
* The Wild and the Wicked (1956)
* The Black Klansman (1966)
* The Wierd World of LSD (1967)
* They Eat Scum (1979)

(all independent/underground films)

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Poster: jonc Date: Aug 1, 2008 7:11am
Forum: feature_films Subject: Re: are these PD...

For Klansman and Wierd World, check for a copyright notice (usually in the closing credits). Movies from that period only require a notice, and without it they are public domain.

For "They Eat Scum", check for a notice in the credits and registration in the US Copyright Catalog. If neither exist, it is PD.

The others are more complicated. They required a notice as well as registration. They had to be re-registered after a period of time (28 years). If they failed any of these they are PD. The online catalog search is not useful here as it only goes back to 1978. So check them for notices; without this they are public domain. If they have notice, they may be PD, but you'll have to do some research or hope that someone else in this forum has some information.

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Poster: k-otic Date: Aug 3, 2008 5:24am
Forum: feature_films Subject: Re: are these PD...

Assassin Of Youth (1937) is already online

I think that
She Shoulda Said 'No'! (1949)
Also Known As:
Marijuana, the Devil's Weed
Wild Weed
The Devil's Weed

is PD

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